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by Jay
16 Sep 2019 12:10
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: COMMAND - "Cut all energetic connections to..."
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Re: COMMAND - "Cut all energetic connections to..."

After all that, which am I Officer/ General. Well, you are great and we :romance-heartsthree: you as you are, but you are neither an Officer nor a General yet. Some people came here as Officers, but the majority has no rank. From now on all Alliance members (L1-L2) have a Skib. It was not l...
by Jay
09 Jul 2019 14:46
Forum: WAR THREADS - News, Weather ... etc.
Topic: War-News
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Re: War-News

:scared-shocked: Wow - thats pretty massive ! This should definetly have some tangible side effects then I am assuming :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:
by Jay
21 May 2019 07:18
Forum: Open your eyes! (by Δύναμις)
Topic: An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"
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Re: An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"

Thanks for this post Alex , reminded me that I hadnt been listening to the recommended clearing music for a while and lots of influences had been creeping back in .... Had it on all yesterday afternoon and really noticed the difference today ... Also interesting that I found this book that has some ...
by Jay
01 May 2019 11:38
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: Healing Cards
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Healing Cards

Hi Just wanting to confirm if someone can please .....when using the healing cards - I thought that I had read in the forum that the latest was that you were to just use all 5 cards for all things ( 6.1 +6.2 + 6.3 + 6.4 + 6.5 ) is that correct ? Or do we still use the WIKI to look up the specific di...

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