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by Marek
20 Nov 2018 12:31
Forum: PHYSICS of 3D
Topic: WATER
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Does this correlate with the concept of loading water with different colors/frequencies, which is common knowledge among dowsers? I was taught that you could load water yourself with a specific color and it would then provide that color to whoever drinks it, if there is a deficiency that needs to be...
by Marek
20 Nov 2018 11:19
Forum: PRESBEIA PROTOI Classifications
Topic: The Protoi classification system
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Re: The Protoi classification system

Could you elaborate on this a little bit?
L2 are those who are actively working in the Protoi Alliance and are part of the command chain.

What does command chain mean? I am familiar with the military term but I don't exactly grasp the concept in the Protoi Alliance context.

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