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by Rehema
10 Dec 2017 13:34
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: First time healing cards used.
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First time healing cards used.

Hi everyone. I used my healing cards for the first time yesterday on myself. I used them to heal my memories and dreams because I get nightmares and terrors in my sleep everyday. I don't know why after using the cards to heal that, I end up dreaming more unsettling dreams and felt someone or somethi...
by Rehema
11 Nov 2017 16:36
Forum: WAR THREADS - News, Weather ... etc.
Topic: War-News
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Re: War-News

Frank, thank you so much. Your comments on C's blog still matters to those who are being misled by C ( just like I was 3 months ago).
by Rehema
10 Sep 2017 21:49
Forum: Protoi Glossary
Topic: Evolution by darkness
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Re: Evolution by darkness

I'm so interested...please add more information to this Evolution by Fractals vs Darkness. This is such a hot topic at least to me (I'm new) and I would like to hear more. :happy-sunshine:
by Rehema
10 Sep 2017 17:51
Forum: Open your eyes! (by Δύναμις)
Topic: "Lightworkers" in action
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Re: "Lightworkers" in action

Yeah, I was one of those people in the tunnel a while back, waiting for the "event", following C. A open mind + thinking for myself is what got me out.

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