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by 009bliss
01 Nov 2017 22:12
Topic: Happy birthday *** Grayfox ***
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Re: Happy birthday *** Grayfox ***

I wish that is/was a most fabulous celebration and continues to be! Thank you for being here and your contributions.

:happy-wavemulticolor: :romance-grouphug: :happy-wavemulticolor:
by 009bliss
21 Sep 2017 18:27
Forum: PHYSICS of 3D
Topic: Reality Calculation Space (RCS renamed to: CS)
Replies: 6
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Re: Reality Calculation Space (RCS)

Love the use of color - Very resonating. :happy-wavemulticolor:
by 009bliss
15 Sep 2017 04:06
Forum: PROTOI future WORLD
Topic: The Protoi "new world order"
Replies: 42
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Re: The Protoi "new world order"

There won't be any courts or prisons or even punishments/fines as known today. There will be other solutions for misbehavior, since punishment is only kind of revenge, which pleases one's hurt ego but is not really contributing in creating better persons. People shouldn't be afraid of punishment in...
by 009bliss
15 Sep 2017 03:48
Topic: About our donation bar
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Re: About our donation bar

I was just wondering about the bar and then saw this post! On the right how it is not in blue I was wondering, at first, if that meant it had bee raised already and the goal was on the left... I am happy to read your post, well I certainly wish money troubles were not an issue, but the clarification...
by 009bliss
08 Sep 2017 21:34
Forum: WAR THREADS - News, Weather ... etc.
Topic: Weather updates
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Re: Weather updates

But we are not entirely helpless...right??? We can connect ourselves and use scib commands to assist in moving storms?? As a Floridan I am using that to help shift Irma - makes me feel better. Those fires - started by teens in the woods doing fireworks and it was already so dry :shock: has to be som...

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